5 Tips for a Smarter, More Sustainable Wardrobe

5 Tips for a Smarter, More Sustainable Wardrobe

October 29, 2018

5 Tips for a Smarter, More Sustainable Wardrobe

We know you want to do right by the earth, but we also know it can be confusing knowing just where to begin. That's why we put together five practical tips to help you navigate the way to buying better products - for the planet, and for your peace of mind.

  1. How many times will you wear it?


If the answer isn't 30 times or more - don't buy it. The cheaply made clothes churned out of the Fast Fashion industry means clothes are now disposable. Exploitation of people and the planet, along with the deflation of clothing prices this has put the supply chain under pressure like never before seen. If you know a garment wont last for 30 uses, or if the style won't be trendy in a month or a year from now, leave it on the rack and make a more intentional purchase.


  1. Break the cycle.


The traditional spring/summer autumn/winter of international fashion weeks are a thing of the past. Fast fashion corporations like Zara and H&M have sped up the fashion cycle by introducing mini seasons every week. 50-100 new micro seasons a year is the new normal for big fashion brands, overloading the system that is desperately trying to keep up. Slow down your fashion cycle, and break the cycle of fast fashion.


  1. Spread you fashion $. 


The global fashion industry is worth 2.5 Trillion, yet next to none of that trickles back to the the planet or the people whose labor and resources produce it. Should this be shared? We think so. By supporting brands that choose to give back, you can spread the money flowing into the fashion industry and ensure your purchase goes to a better place. At AURA we give 3% of every purchase to the causes we stand for.


  1. Detox your wardrobe.


Fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry after oil. Azodyes are still the most used synthetic dyes in fashion despite being highly toxic, and cotton is loaded with pesticides and insecticides, not to mention treated with chemicals and finishes. Since the skin is our largest organ, these chemicals don't just release toxins into the earth - they release them into you. Make the switch to more sustainable style and detox your wardrobe for good.


  1. Join the fashion revolution


Wear the change you wish to see in the world. We know this isn't quite how Gandhi put it, but what you wear could literally change the world. There are a growing number of citizens and brands coming together to demand a fashion revolution. Be on the right side of history and join the movement here.

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