Does Organic Cotton Really Matter?

Does Organic Cotton Really Matter?

October 25, 2018

Without sourcing organic fibers for our textiles, we really couldn’t call ourselves eco-friendly or sustainable.

Since cotton is the most pesticide intensive crop out there – consuming 1/3 of all pesticides and herbicides  - it is vital that the demand for organic cotton increases.

Currently, almost all garments are made at least partially from cotton, and 99% of that cotton is genetically engineered and produced by conventional farming methods. That means that only 1% of all cotton produced is organic and non-GMO.

These pesticides kill hundreds of thousands of birds, fish, and farmers and are known carcinogens according to the world health organization among others.

At AURA we take a stand against the use of harmful chemicals, and that’s why we’re committed to sourcing organic cotton, as well as utilizing alternative fibers like organic bamboo and hemp which are less water and land intensive.

Make your warbdrobe a little more sustainable - shop AURA today. 

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