Celestial Pack

The Celestial Pack is inspired by our love of the sky. Pyrite represents the powerful glowing sun, Howlite represents the peaceful stead-fast moon, and Goldstone embodies the stars that fill our hearts and minds with universal wonder and awe.

Pyrite is a stone of abundance and prosperity, treasured by ancient civilizations for it’s powerful manifestation properties. Pyrite will increase energy levels and ambition – inspiring greatness and helping to get things done. Whether you want to manifest wealth, love, or just overall prosperity pyrite is a must have.

Howlite has a natural color of white with gray markings in the shape of a spiderweb. It is the stone of calmness, comfort, knowledge, memory and progress. It helps relieve an overactive mind.

Blue Goldstone looks like a micro-universe on your wrist. This beautiful stone vibrates at the frequencies of new beginnings, manifestation, & motivation. Known as the stone of ambition, goldstone can help you achieve your goals with persistence and determination

A portion of all proceeds go to helping the environment and it's inhabitants.


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